Pop-ups, pop-ups and more pop-ups!

Wow, I cannot believe how long it has been since my last post…Time is just passing right by but we would not continue to make strides in our business without the help of some great great people. Thank you to Roast Coffee and Tea Trading Company!! With their help and space, Ms. Michelle’s was able to give so many loyal and loving customers an amazing Thanksgiving, Winter Holiday and of course a sweet, sweet Valentine.

Each and everyday we receive emails and phone calls asking for items besides the Cookies. Of course all of your wants and needs do not go unnoticed and if it was up to us we would have another location and the ability to bring you all those great tasting treats you miss BUT at this present time we solely manufacture our cookies by hand. Yes, by hand…. each and every cookie is personally inspected by Ms. Michelle. We are working day and night to expand our processing capabilities and you will be happy to hear that more items will be available from our line of Ms. Michelle’s Gluten-free products in the future.

These past three “pop-ups” were amazing for us! We are overwhelmed and deeply touched by the love and support for each one of our Pop-Up events. Incase you missed the first Pop-Up for Thanksgiving the line was out the door before we were even set up. It was like we were coming home after a long trip to see all of our family and friends welcoming us with open arms. This was a very emotional moment for us and one will never be forgotten. We were fortunate to sell out in a ½ hour…. I was so nervous we were shaking boxes to make sure all the pies were really gone!

For our Winter Pop-Up we were smart enough to have pre ordering in place and baked double for our walk ins. Guess what? We sold out…Happy gluten-free customers once again!

The last Pop up for the Super Bowl / Valentines was the return of our cake-ball and macaroons. I wish I had a camera for all those smiling faces.

Please make sure to stop in to Roast Coffee and Tea Trading Company located at 41 East Main Street in Patchogue. If not for the hospitality of Tiffany and her staff, Ms. Michelle’s would not have been able to bring you the treats you are all missing… THANK YOU ROAST!!!!!

I wish I had a penny for every time I hear this… “Michelle you always worry about everyone else before yourself” and again this was something I heard at every Pop-Up event. What people do not realize is, this makes me happy. Call it Karma if you may or just me being me but at the end of the day you should go to bed with a smile on your face. You owe loving your job to everyone – to your customers, suppliers, employees, to your family and most importantly: to yourself! I have been given this opportunity to create my own destiny and I will always make sure to keep my fans, friends and family in my thoughts and decisions. This is only the beginning for Ms. Michelle’s. … So much more is coming and this I promise….


  1. Excited! You’re an amazing person and I’m looking forward in seeing what’s next for you 🙂 you have truly mastered the gluten free world and I love it! For my family to choose your baked goodness over those filled with gluten says a lot and I can’t wait to dig into banana choc chip muffins again

    1. Nicole,
      We are sooo glad you liked the items! Keep on the look out for our next pop up this July!

      Ms. Michelle


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