It’s been way too long!!

It’s been way too long!! Chris and I have been busy getting ready for this beautiful website to Launch. You can now purchase your cookies and have them shipped directly to you or a loved one. We are so grateful for all of the emails and social media posts asking us what we are up to and letting us know how much you miss the Bakery. Believe me, it was out of our hands.

As my Mother always said “everything happens for a reason.” She could have not been more correct. We now have the opportunity to reach so many more people regionally, nationally and globally! We are looking forward to manufacturing our products for all to enjoy. Make sure you keep up with my blog. We have many Fall Fairs in the near future, please visit us and grab a box of cookies or a Giant Cookie from our original Ms. Michelle’s cookie jars!!!

So today, I invite you to be aware throughout the day and notice what makes you happy. It’s a true blessing to wake up everyday and know that I am going to make you smile. Follow your heart it will never let you down. You deserve to be happy and healthy and successful! Now let’s eat some COOKIES!!!!


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