CEWIT Incubator Showcase @ Stony Brook University

What an Honor to be part of Stony Brook University’s economic-development first-ever Business Incubator Showcase, held at the Center for Excellence in Wireless Information Technology.

The Showcase united more than 40 startups, I was pleased to represent The Business Incubator at Calverton with Ms. Michelle’s Cookies. Guests included investors, entrepreneurs, politicians, school officials and lawmakers.

Trade shows and Expos are worthwhile for food manufactures. Any event that allows you to have the opportunity to display and showcase your products and services face-to-face with potential new customers in your target market gives you numerous benefits of advantages. A person may never even pick up your box, unless they have the opportunity to sample and ask you questions. Expos are a great way to make your products and services visible, develop new contacts and strengthen existing ones. Besides taking part of a revolutionizing event, it is great for a manufacturer to influence and understand consumers needs, perceptions and taste. I love when I am able to speak to people one-on-one, you are able to learn from their intellect and allow us to make competitive decisions.

It was wonderful to share our Oatmeal Raisin Cookies with all the attendees of the Expo. “I would never even know these cookies were Gluten Free”… “This is the softest gluten free cookie I ever tasted”… were some of the feedback we received.

Thank you CEWIT for the opportunity!



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