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The Story of Ms. Michelle’s

Ms. Michelle’s adventure began during the summer of 2004 when Ms. Michelle was a culinary instructor of children at a summer camp. Her heart would break every time she came home from work. Many of the students she was trying to teach her love of baking and creating just couldn’t eat the food she was preparing. Many students had different intolerances from gluten to dairy to soy. So, Ms. Michelle’s begin to teach herself the ways of GF baking. Endless weekends were spent making and baking numerous varietals of recipes until one day she found it! A recipe which not only those intolerant of gluten would love to eat but those in the family who just wanted a healthier great tasting product would want to sink their teeth into.
Farmer’s markets, events and a few years went by but the idea of great tasting gluten-free baked products, which everyone can love, was catching on! Ms. Michelle knew she wanted to do something to keep this trend going so she opened up a Gluten-free bakery café called Ms. Michelle’s Urban Gourmet. It was there she really got to prefect her craft and her love for helping others. Cakes, pies, muffins, brownies, etc… were created in her dedicated gluten-free oven and with her love in each batch, euphoria was created each time. Gluten intolerant, health conscious or sweet treat indulgences it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter whom you where when you walked in the door of her bakery, you were greeted with an intoxicating smell of all things baking and a sweet smile from Ms. Michelle’s… but more importantly you were bound to find something that would satisfy.

This was still not enough for Ms. Michelle. While the bakery was successful she wanted to help more… she wanted to reach more...she wanted people to smile more. For over 12 months, analysis, calculations, surveys and smiles were recorded for each and every product which was sold in the bakery. Result after result kept coming back to one product. One product that people wanted… one product that reached more… one product that made more smiles then she could have asked for was her signature cookies! Each variety was a taste of simple, blissful American indulgence in each and every bite. This was the start, this was the item that parents could buy and enjoy just as much as a gluten-intolerant child could. This was an item which everyone would want to smile with.

As you sit back and enjoy one of our varieties of cookies, please remember as Ms. Michelle’s inspects each batch of cookies as they leave our facility she is thinking of you.

She is thinking of those children who believe “my life is over now that I am gluten-intolerant” or the individual who just can’t have dairy or soy.

She is thinking of how she can make you smile just a little bit more each and every day!

Thank you for your countless number of smiles!

-Ms. Michelle's
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